Trapped in the Land of Fire and Ice

In the secluded windswept land of Iceland lies Europe’s biggest glacier: the Vatnajokull. In 1875, an Englishman by the name of James Watts and his Icelandic guide, Paul Paulisson were the first to cross this harsh and frozen land. One hundred and twenty five years later, Paulisson’s great, great grandson, Ingvar Thorisson leads a multi national team of adventurers including a Tibetan on a 120km unsupported ski traverse from North to South of this glacier with the aim of exploring its unusual volcanic and geothermic activity en route. Braving temperatures of -25f and winds of over 100mph, the team follows in the footsteps of the original expedition. Raging blizzards force them into a hut for five days whilst temperatures plummet. Soon after they enter into a strange ice world, and are bedazzled by what they see. But that’s nothing compared to their descent into an ice cave around active volcanoes – what they see there, is the stuff of fairy tales. The final push to Mount Thumall exposes them to severe wind and spindrift, as Ingvar battles his fear of heights.