The Spy Who Stole My Life

This is one of the most extraordinary real-life stories to have emerged in the last 20 years:

For a decade, Robert Freegard convinced a vast number of people around the world that he was a British spy. He persuaded people that they were terrorist targets. He told them they were on witness protection schemes. He took their money, and he spent it wildly on luxury cars and exotic holidays.

As his decade of deceit progressed, Freegard’s hold on his victims tightened and his grip on reality loosened. When a series of apparently unrelated events finally alerted the authorities to the fact that a number of women had disappeared and that they were somehow linked to the shadowy figure of Freegard, the enormity of what he’d done and the realisation that many lives were at risk prompted a massive transatlantic manhunt by the FBI and Scotland Yard. But the nightmare didn’t even end with a dramatic showdown at London’s Heathrow Airport, since it quickly became clear that some of the victims were still missing; programmed to respond only to the orders of the man who had brainwashed them.

Here’s a short preview of this award-winning film (narrated by Lesley Sharp):


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