Adventure Challenge

This is REAL Adventure. The award-winning and totally unique “Adventure Challenge” offers the viewer a rucksack-eye view of some of the most amazing and dangerous modern exploits known to man. The series introduces the best of the ‘new breed’ of explorer, including Bruce Parry, Pen Hadow, Mike Horn, Gilles Elkaim, John Sylvester and many more. These high-octane adventures are seen ‘as they happen’; warts and all; and be warned – emotions often run high! Nothing is faked, what you see is total reality.

At the outset of each film, the explorers state the challenge they’re about to undertake; this may involve walking solo and unsupported to the North Pole, crossing the Namib or the Danakil desert, flying across the Atlantic in a microlight, swimming the Amazon, riding from Beijing to London on a bicycle – and much more. Every challenge is a first. Every challenge is hugely ambitious and perilous. As the journey starts, we get to know the adventurer(s) and what they’re up against. As the story unfolds, we discover what drives them and whether they have it in them to succeed.