The Company

There’s nothing ordinary about what we do at Creative Touch Films.

Our aim is to make television that is passionate, audacious and eye catching.

Over the years we’ve won many awards and made international headlines with our diverse range of single documentaries and high volume factual series:

We exposed gun and knife crime in schools long before the problem was talked about, and told the inside story of one of the country’s most extraordinary conmen.

We’ve filmed in the most extreme places on earth – beneath the ice at the North Pole and in the hottest place on the planet – the Danakil desert.

We’ve applied our skills and experience across a range of genres including science, social documentaries, natural history, adventure, current affairs, and original format shows.

We also work in drama and offer location production services to international film crews.

Have a look at some of our work then decide for yourselves just how different we are.

Broadcast clients include: