Escape by Microlight

Brian Milton was the first pilot to microlight around the world. Now he is attempting what many believe is a tougher challenge (larger distances over water become far more hazardous in a microlight). He sets out to fly his little machine across the Atlantic, carrying just 35 hours of fuel. In so doing he is stretching himself to the edge of endurance; he is scared of heights, and knows that if the wind changes he will probably die. It is an echo of Alcock and Brown’s first Atlantic flight in 1919. Unlike them, our 60-year old hero is dogged by bureaucracy at every step. But he’s not easily put down, and has no hesitation in boldly facing down the authorities. When the Canadians try to stop him, he takes off in secret. Will he make it?

Here’s a Preview. If you want to see the entire film, follow the link at the end of the preview: