Diving the World

(Introducing Monty Halls)

For most divers it’s an impossible dream. To explore ten of the world’s best dive sites in one expedition. To travel from the warm waters of the Pacific to the cold currents of the Atlantic, swimming with dolphins, rays and sharks, taking scuba diving to its limits in search of fresh experiences, the thrill that comes from diving into the unknown. One of the world’s top dive adventurers, Monty Halls, has decided to make that dream a reality. Together with a small band of skilled divers he will spend ten weeks circling the world visiting the tropical island paradises of Palau and Yap, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand’s Poor Knights Islands, the Galapagos, Belize and the Little Bahamas Banks, finishing up in Africa with Lake Malawi, Aliwal Shoal and the marine reserve of Dyer Island where they will meet the awesome great white shark.

Here is a short clip. You can follow the link at the end if you wish to view the entire film: