Climbing Annapurna

This is the story of one man’s struggle against one mountain. The man is Jean-Christophe Lafaille, one of the world’s leading mountaineers, a man who has climbed seven 8000 metre summits, without bottled oxygen. The mountain is Annapurna, the most feared of all the world’s 8,000 metre peaks, including Mount Everest. For the last fifty years Annapurna has proved the hardest to climb, and the most dangerous of all the world’s highest summits. Its fatality rate is over 40%, more than four times that of Everest. Now Jean-Christophe is returning to Annapurnato make his fourth and final attempt to reach the summit, following a route that has only been climbed once before. He’ll be in daily contact by radio with his wife Katia waiting in base camp. They both know the dangers.

Here’s a short preview of the film (narrated by Matt Wolf):


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