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…about what we do at Creative Touch Films. Our aim is to make television that is passionate, audacious and eye catching. Over the years we’ve won many awards and made international headlines with our diverse range of single documentaries and high volume factual series. We exposed gun and knife crime in schools long before the problem was talked about, and told the inside story of one of the country’s most extraordinary conmen. We’ve filmed in the most extreme places on earth – beneath the ice at the North Pole and in the hottest place on the planet, and we’ve launched the careers of a number of TV celebrities. We’ve applied our skills and experience across a range of genres including science, social documentaries, natural history, adventure, current affairs and original format shows. We also work in drama; offering a location production service to international film crews. A number of drama projects are currently in development.

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Creative Touch Films

…was founded by Kate Snell and Mark Dyson.

To date CTF has produced more than 100 hours of factual television from high volume series such as ‘Adventure Challenge’ to landmark one-offs such as ‘The Spy Who Stole My Life.’ Our programmes continue to sell worldwide.

When originally founded, CTF became one of the fastest-growing content producers in the UK, delivering international award-winning series that are still airing across the globe. 
Subsequently, CTF’s founders were sought out by other companies, channels and projects (varying from International documentaries to feature films and books).

CTF is now back in the field, with the launch of two new divisions: one focusing on broadcast; the other on digital.

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Latest news from Creative Touch Films:

Creative Touch Films has announced the creation of two new divisions: “Noisy Films” and “Silver Dawn Media”, handling broadcast and digital respectively.

The company has also announced that many titles from its archive are becoming available to view online.

The first to go ‘live’ was “The Spy who Stole My Life”.

Responding to numerous requests from around the world, we have started to roll out a selection of adventure and exploration films.

For the latest online catalogue, go to “WATCH”

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